“When I joined the team at Oxmoor House as an intern, Perri immediately struck me as one of the most organized individuals there. Her verbal and written communication skills are superb—I always felt confident that I’d know exactly what needed to be done when working on an assignment. I think she’d thrive in a management position or detail-oriented job.”
Susan Kemp, Project Edit Fellow, Oxmoor House, Time Inc., reported to Perri at Time Inc.

“When I first started at Oxmoor House, it was easy to say I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that needed to be done all at once. While I was still learning my way around the office, Perri was a huge help. She took the time to explain things thoroughly and would reassure me that problems would work out. She pays close attention to detail, is a great copy editor and knows how to manage her time. She cares a lot about her projects, and I was lucky to work alongside her, even for a short time.”
Jena Hippensteel, Project Editor, Oxmoor House at Time, Inc., worked directly with Perri at Time Inc.

“Perri strengthened our office communications from the first day and led the transferral of a large donor database in record time. I have complete confidence in Perri and she made a great impact on our organization.”
Catherine Roden-Jones, Program Director, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, managed Perri indirectly at The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

“Perri is an excellent writer and has great attention to detail.”
Coleman Upchurch, Social Media Account Executive, Intermark Group, managed Perri at Intermark Group

“I had the great opportunity to work with Perri both for the same client as well as on different teams later on. Both experiences showed what a hard worker Perri was, and she often inspired me to work to become a stronger writer. She showed time after time that she was driven and willing to go the extra mile to get things done. She displayed both terrific editorial skills as well as social media and public relations skills. Any team would be lucky to have her on it!”
Katherine Mundy, Social Media Assistant, Intermark Group, worked directly with Perri at Intermark Group

“During the time that Perri was a Fellow at Oxmoor House, she demonstrated an innate ability to tackle all projects large and small with enthusiasm, and she repeatedly went above and beyond in accomplishing her goals. Perri is very intelligent, excellent at time management, and proved herself to be reliable on all projects she was assigned. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated employee.”
Vanessa Rusch, Project Manager / Editor, Oxmoor House at Time, Inc., managed Perri at Time Inc.